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Habitto is launching the Valentine's advertising campaign "Love and Finances with the Right Partner" targeting individuals nationwide.


Habittoでは、2024年3月31日まで実施中の特別金利1.0%キャンペーン (税引前・上限100万円)や、新NISAをはじめとする投資に関する無料アドバイスなど、若い世代のお金のプランをサポートするためのサービスを順次展開中です。

CCO (チーフ・クリエイティブ・オフィサー) リアム・マカンスは、今回のキャンペーンについて以下のように述べています。


Habitto Co., Ltd. will be launching a special Valentine's digital advertising campaign, titled "Love and Finances with the Right Partner," on dating apps such as Tinder on February 14, 2024. Through this campaign, we aim to convey the message, "While searching for a romantic partner on Valentine's Day is important, have you considered finding a partner for financial planning, equally crucial in life?" to everyone across the country seeking a relationship.

As part of our ongoing efforts to support the financial plans of the younger generation, Habitto is introducing various services, including a special interest rate campaign of 1.0% (pre-tax, with a limit of 1 million yen) until March 31, 2024, and free advice on investments, including the new NISA.

Liam Macans, Chief Creative Officer (CCO), expressed the following about the campaign:

"In today's world, finding a life partner is not easy. However, when it comes to discussing your finances, we at Habitto are here for you. We listen carefully to the concerns, anxieties about the future, and current issues you may have, becoming understanding partners. We are committed to walking with you, providing the perfect first step tailored to you."