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What's SJML, in a nutshell?

SJ Mobile Labs (SJML) is a new venture focused on fintech innovation in the Japanese market. The team has a breadth of experience ranging from insurance, banking, e-commerce, adtech and ventures across 5 continents. This provides us with a unique approach to entering new markets and building valuable businesses.

What's your vision and why is it important?

Humans, across cultures, languages and religions aspire to financial security to send their kids to school, retire comfortably and provide a cushion for life's unforeseen challenges. We believe everyone deserves a positive financial future

However, building financial security is often a negative experience. Products are unnecessarily complicated, risks are difficult to understand, access is confusing and fees are opaque and expensive. 

Making money work harder should be simple, transparent, convenient, and accessible to everyone.

That's what we're all about: an intuitive financial experience that works for you. Simply delivered on your mobile.

Why would customers choose you?

We want to reshape the negative the experiences associated with buying savings, investments and insurance products. We want to generate positive outcomes with simple products, readily accessible and with radically transparent, genuine, financial advice. We want customers to trust our brand, love our products and finally find genuine, competent and modern interaction with our advisors. 

Why Japan?

Japan is one of the largest savings and insurance markets on the planet. There are US$18 trillion that near zero yielding and we are working hard to can help Japanese find better outcomes. By building a team with Japanese and global experience we hope to bring best practices and innovation in product, technology and distribution around the world.

Who are your investors?

Our investors include an investment arm of a Japanese Financial Institution (Saison Capital) and two global fintech investors (Apis Partners and Anthemis Group). 

Saison Capital is the investment arm of Credit Saison, the Japanese financial services company with over 30 million customers. Saison Capital invests in Pre-Seed to Series B companies globally, across all verticals, including but not limited to SaaS, marketplaces and fintech.

Apis Partners is an ESGI-native global private equity and venture capital asset manager that supports growth stage financial services and financial infrastructure businesses by providing them with catalytic growth equity capital.

Anthemis Group cultivates change in the financial system by investing in, growing, and sustaining businesses committed to resiliency, transparency, access and equity. By creating fertile ground for a diverse group of startups, investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, academics, and visionaries to converge, they can solve the financial system's most pressing challenges faster, better and for the benefit of all.

What does SJML stand for?

SJML stands for “Singapore-Japan Mobile Labs”.

Where is SJML incorporated?

The business is incorporated in Singapore as a holding company and in Tokyo as a Kabushiki Kaisha. Our headquarters are located at 6 Raffles Quay #11-07, Singapore, 048580. Our Unique Entity Number (UEN) with ACRA is 202117394G.

I'm a journalist, where can I send my questions and enquiries to?

Media enquiries of all types are welcomed at

I have a platform or tech offering that might be suited, how can I pitch it to you?

Please send us your tech or platform credentials to We will review it carefully.