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Habitto becomes first company to register as a deposit-taking intermediary and electronic financial services intermediary in Japan

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Habitto (ハビット)を運営するエスジェイ・モバイルラボジャパン株式会社 (所在地:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役CEO:サマンサ・ギオッティ)は、このたび金融サービス仲介業者として新たに預金等媒介業務の登録を完了しました。同時にこの業務の一部を電子的に行う、日本で初めての電子金融サービス仲介業者となりました。2022年10月に登録した有価証券等仲介業務と合わせて、より多様な金融サービスの仲介が可能となります。



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ベンチャー投資家からフィンテック経営者に転じたイタリア人女性サマンサ・ギオッティと、オーストラリア出身の連続起業家リアム・マカンスが、シンガポールで出会い、創立した会社です。二人は2021年にシンガポールでSJ Mobile Labs Pte Ltd を設立、同年11月に日本で事業を行うエスジェイ・モバイルラボジャパン株式会社(SJ Mobile Labs Japan Co.Ltd)を設立しました。

SJ Mobile Labsは、日本の若い世代や女性に「お金を育てることで経済的な自由を獲得」してほしいという思いから、新しいお金の習慣を提案します。SJ Mobileはこの業務を遂行するために、2022年10月に外国系企業としては初めて金融サービス仲介業の登録を行い、2023年中のサービス開始に向けて準備中です。



SJML Japan K.K. (SJML Japan) the operator of Habitto, the digital bank that provides free financial advice to younger Japanese, has become the first company to register as a deposit-taking intermediary and electronic financial services intermediary in Japan. These licenses are in addition to the business registering as a securities intermediary in October 2022.

SJML Japan and Habitto are owned and operated by Singapore-based SJ Mobile Labs Pte. Ltd. co-founded by Samantha Ghiotti and Liam McCance. With this registration, Habitto becomes the first company to register for deposit taking, electronic financial services and securities intermediation under the Japanese Financial Services Agency’s (JFSA) relatively new ‘New Financial Services Intermediary’ regime. Habitto is also the first foreign-owned company to register.

Samantha Ghiotti Habitto’s CEO “This license was purpose-built for a business like ours that seeks to offer great customer experience on top of existing banking and securities infrastructure. Through these financial services intermediary licenses we intend to offer access to financial advice and products to a younger generation who have been largely left out by these services. The JFSA and the Kanto Local Finance Bureau office have been extremely supportive during our license application process as they seek to further innovation that impacts customers' outcomes.”

“With the financial intermediary registering complete, we are excited to open our services to the public in June 2023 after the completion of our soft launch scheduled for next month. We’ve seen a real desire from the market to improve financial literacy, independence and to access financial advice. During beta testing, we identified that over 70% of respondents not only wanted access to financial advice but were also willing to take up a monthly paid subscription. ” Liam McCance Chief Creative Officer Habitto

What is Habitto?

Habitto is a digital bank that provides free financial advice via mobile application. The Habitto app offers a combination of financial services including a market-leading yield savings account, debit card, and investment products which are complimented with truly customer-focused advice.

What is SJ Mobile Labs?

The company was born in Singapore when Samantha Ghiotti, an Italian woman turned venture investor turned fintech executive, and Liam McCance, a serial entrepreneur from Australia, after the pair worked together in a Singaporean fintech. The duo founded SJ Mobile Labs Pte Ltd in Singapore in 2021 and established SJ Mobile Labs Japan KK (SJML Japan) in November of the same year to conduct business in Japan.

In order to accomplish this, SJML Japan will become the first foreign company to be registered as a financial services intermediary in October 2022 and is preparing to launch its services by the end of 2023. SJML Japan is the first foreign company to register as a financial service intermediary in October 2022 and is preparing to launch its services by the middle of 2023.

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